exhibition "Petites Musiques de Bruits"

About the exhibition

A sound sculptures exhibition... for touching

The Petites Musiques de Bruits exhibition is a vast game space where making noise is TOTALLY AUTHORIZED ! The exhibition regrouping more than 20 mecanical or electrical sound scultures directly handled by the audience.

Every sound emit by these noise machines is possible only in case of human intervention (switch, crank, pedal...) and for one time it's not forbidden to touch ! Made by a collection of different recovery materials and daily objects transformed for new fonctions, these noise machines are all equiped from a low-fi amplifier equipment.
With winks Petites Musiques de Bruits exhibition re-visit with humor the history of serious music.

The choice of these un-serious form of this exhibition is made to propose the discovery of an expression domain totaly unknow from a large audience : noise music

une co-production Bouffou-Théâtre / Festival Musique Action CCAM de Vandoeuvre les Nançy